The Queer Brick

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This is a real brick. Hand painted by black queer hands. Weighs about 4.5 pounds. Bid on it, and 100% of proceeds benefit the Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBTQ Youth. Please do not throw it. Buy it and consider it your daily reminder to use your power to help the powerless. Comes with a marble stand. 

Queer Brick Print

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This is a limited run, 11x14 poster of the Queer Brick. Purchase it, and 100% of proceeds benefit the Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBTQ Youth. Hang it up in your home or office or anywhere else you need to be reminded to support The LGBTQ community's most disenfranchised. Frame not included.

HOW TO USE THIS BRICK: Do not throw this brick.
Do use it to tear things down when necessary.
But then,
Do use it to rebuild.
Do use it to create new structures.
Do use it to pave new roads.
Do use it as a reminder that, all too often, original culture doesn’t come from the rich and powerful, but the poor and powerless. The rich and powerful just make it profitable. Do put it on your mantle or coffee table or wherever people will see it, where it will give you an excuse to tell people about Marsha P. Johnson, the laws still making life nearly impossible for queer people, and what they can do to help. Do place it somewhere prominent enough that, every time you look at it, you have no choice but to consider what you can be doing to support Black trans people. Especially outside the month of June. Do make it for you to consider if you’ve hired enough - or any - trans women, trans men, or nonbinary people. Do look to it for your daily reminder that being a straight or cis or white ally is no longer enough. Rainbow-washing is no longer enough. Pride Month is no longer enough. #loveislove has never been enough. Black trans people need your voice, your volume, your presence, your money, your feet on the pavement. Don’t be an ally. Be an activist. But again, please do not throw this brick. Black Trans Lives Matter

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